Dr. Faisal Fayyad

Dr. Faisal Fayyad, Senior Vitreo-retinal surgeon at the Jordanian Hospital in Amman. Dr. Faisal Fayyad graduated from Rome University (La Sapienza). One of the most popular ophthalmologist locally in the middle east region and world wide.

Faisal Fayyad

Senior Vitreo-retinal surgeon, Jordanian Hospital, Jordan

New day - meet Dr. Faisal Fayyad

Dr. Faisal Fayyad meeting - the National Association to Combat Smoking and talk about the harms of smoking in a new day program on Jordanian TV.


Outside the coverage area with Dr. Hani Al-Badri - Dr. Faisal Fayyad - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Faisal Fayyad is a Jordanian doctor who is considered one of the most prominent retinal surgeons in the world.
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